Where To Start With Your Wedding Stationery, Plus FREE Printable Checklist!


Eeeeppp you’re engaged! Congratulations! Has everyone started asking you how the wedding planning is going yet? Or when the big day is? Have you started to panic and stress already? Don’t worry! Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable, once in a lifetime experience, so make sure that it is! If you feel like you don’t know where to start, particular with your wedding stationery, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a helpful (I hope) little guide to where to start with planing and ordering your wedding stationery, along with a handy FREE downloadable checklist at the end!

Template Collection Or Bespoke Design?

First things first, you need to decide whether to go for a personalisable Template design or have something designed completely Bespoke. You might have a theme or style in mind where one of my (or another stationer’s) template designs will do the job perfectly, or you might have a vision that you want creating. First you need to work out your budget for your stationery will be, which can determine whether a bespoke design is possible or finding the perfect customisable template is the way to go. Remember template designs are usually semi-customisable, so if you’ve got a little extra budget, but can’t stretch to a bespoke design, it’s a great option! Whatever way you go, you will find something perfect!

Do I Need To Send Out Save The Dates?

Save the dates are personal preference and are very dependent on your budget or when and where your wedding is taking place.

If you’re getting married abroad, at a busy time of year such as Christmas, Easter or during the school holidays, or have lots of family abroad that will need to travel, save the dates might be a good idea so people know to save the date… (duh) and can plan accordingly. Also a lot of people appreciate the advance notice so they can think about travel, accommodation options and even child care!

If your trying to save your budget, why not skip save the dates and go straight for invites and maybe send them out a little earlier. You can even pour your save the date budget into your invitations to make something extra special, maybe go for a bespoke design, or you could add some Extras & Add-ons to your template design in the form of envelope liners, stickers ad much more!

Save the dates should be sent out about 18 months to a year before the wedding. If your time frame is less than a year, I’d recommend skipping the save the dates and going straight for the invitations to save time! You could even send a nice email or text out to some people who would need advance warning, which helps save the planet and the budget!

The Main Event - Invitations!

Your invitations are the show stopping piece of your wedding stationery. They help set the feel, theme and style of your wedding and are where the majority of your stationery budget should be focused.

You should look to sent your invites out about 6 months before your wedding, which gives people plenty of time to RSVP and organise travel and accommodation, and you to organise menu choices and table plans. Template designs should be booked in about 4 weeks before you want to send out your invites and Bespoke Designs about 8 weeks before.

If you’ve left things a bit late, don’t panic, you should still message the stationer you’d like to book as they may be able to fit you in, especially if you want a template design and there’s no harm in asking. Most stationers will be happy to try and accommodate your order if they can, or could even recommend some else who could help if they can’t!

Sorting On The Day Stationery

A lot of people forget about a lot of the on the day stationery, which play an integral part to your big day, including orders of the day and seating plans.

You should book your template on the day stationery about 6 weeks before your wedding day and bespoke orders about 8 weeks. The summer months are the busiest for most wedding suppliers and your stationer will thank you for being organised. So if you’re getting married in the summer months consider booking your on the day stationery abut 12 weeks before your wedding, or even at the same time as your invites, even it it’s just menus and orders of service, and leave the place name cards and table plans until a bit later when numbers and guests are finalised. The sooner you get it ordered the sooner you can check it of your ever growing list of things to sort out!

The Round Up…

The biggest but of advise I can give about organising your wedding stationery is to get it booked in with your stationer as soon as you can. Remember to allow time for design, proofing, sending and receiving from the printers, packaging and postage, with some extra time incase anything goes wrong, like printing errors or postage delays! The more time you give your stationer the more thankful they will be! Rush jobs are never nice for either the stationer or you as it brings stress and sometimes even mistakes which no-one wants!

So after all that information here is a quick list of things design by emily can help you with when it comes to your wedding stationery:

• Save The Dates
• Day Invitations
• Evening Invitations
• RSVP Cards
• Envelope Liners
• Printed Envelopes
• Stickers
• Orders Of Service
• Menus
• Place Name Cards
• Table Numbers
• Welcome Boards
• Table Plans
• Catering Tags
• Signage
• Anything else you think you might need paper wise!

Here’s a quick guide for dates on when to order what:

When to order: About 4 weeks before you want to send them out for a template design and 8 weeks for a bespoke design.
When to send: Around 12 to 18 months before your wedding depending on the location.

When to order: About 4 weeks before you want to send them out for a template design and 8 weeks for a bespoke design.
When to send: About 6 months before your wedding.

When to order: About 6 weeks before your wedding day for a template design and 8 weeks for a bespoke design. Make sure you don’t leave them to the last minute and get them to you 2-3 weeks before your wedding.

Free Wedding Stationery Checklist

Free Downloadable Checklist!

Phew that was a lot to take it! Not to worry! Here is a FREE downloadable checklist which you can print off and use as a guide to what stationery you need to order, plus the helpful list of dates on when to order what! Just click here to download … right here…. yep!

Good luck with the organisation, and remember, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me an email, I’ll be happy to try and help :)

Emily x

Where To Start With Your Wedding Stationery Plus Free Downloadable Printable Checklist!