Everything You Need To Know About Foiling


If you’re anything like me and a magpie for pretty sparkly things, foiled wedding invitations and save the dates are the dream! I often get a lot of questions regarding foiling, the different types, how it works and most importantly (and often) the cost! So here’s a quick run down on everything you need to know about foiling…

First things first… 💌

Foiling isn’t cheap, I’m putting it out there straight away! I get enquiries all the time asking for everything coated in metallic loveliness and then when I quote the prices for printing I either get people ghost me completely or go “ouch that’s out of my budget….”. So before you even consider foiling, make sure you realize the extra costs and have the budget saved up or set aside before falling in love with the idea of having every inch of your wedding stationery foiled and realising that realistically it’s out of your budget. I hate to break your heart 💔

Unfortunately Pinterest and Instagram have paved the way for showing everyone the beauty of foiling without being transparent about the costs. And where you will find a few cheaper options with people doing it at home of their DIY foiler, you will never get the same quality as having it done professionally. As I always say with wedding stationery, you pay for what you get, and while theres nothing wrong with the DIY look if thats what you’re going for, if you want the quality and finish of an expert print you have to pay for it.

But don’t worry! There are a few different options to help fit your budget! So whether you can afford to have every piece individually foil blocked, or you just want to add a bit of shine to your invitations alone, there are options for every budget!

Different types of foiling… ✨

There are two types of foiling to choose from, so depending on your budget you can choose from Digital Foiling or Foil Blocking, otherwise known as Hot Foil. 

Digital Foiling - Unlike traditional Foil Blocking, Digital Foiling doesn’t require the use of plates – it’s printed directly from a file on the computer, resulting in a flat print product, without any texture or embossing. This also means that there are no set-up costs, making it far more affordable than traditional methods. Digital foiling can be applied to any smooth surfaced card or board, textured card stocks are a big no no as the foil can’t stick properly to the textured surface. It leaves a high shine metallic finish and is available in a range of colours such as gold, silver, rose gold & copper and even red, green and blue! Digital foiling can also have the option of having a matte velvet touch finish applied to the foiled side, this addition adds an extra touch of luxury and can help protect the foiling by preventing scratches, but this isn’t essential.

Foil Blocking - The most luxurious way of foiling your stationery! Traditional Foil Blocking (or hot foil stamping) involves applying metallic foil to paper or card, using heated plates (or dyes). This leaves your foiled elements slightly embossed and textured, as the foil is hot-pressed onto your card or paper stock, it also doesn’t have as high shine metallic finish as digital foiling. This process works best on uncoated, thicker weight card and board stocks.

Prices… 💰

Digital Foiling - Digital foiling is more expensive than standard printing due to the extra materials and print processes needed. The invitation is printed and then foiling is applied afterwards in a second print process. On average 50x A5 invitations will cost you about £125 to print. As with standard printing, the more you print the cheaper the cost per invite becomes.

Foil Blocking - Foil blocking setup costs start from £150 - this is for the metal plate to be made. Depending on the size of the area you would like to be foil blocked, the cost will vary dependent on the size of metal plate needed. Once this is paid for, the paper and printing will be added to this cost. You’ll be looking at, at least double the price of digital foiling, if not more. This is the highest end luxury print process but the quality and finish is impeccable and unbeatable!

Ultimately, foiling wheather it’s digitally printed or blocked is beautiful and raises your stationery to the next level of luxury. Use your stationery budget wisely and foiling is possible on even the smallest of budgets. If you have any questions or want to talk more about foiling options just drop me a message here. Or if your sold on foiling head over to my website to order your Bespoke or House Collection dripping with metallic gorgeousness!

Emily x