How To Budget Your Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery Budgeting Tips

One of the biggest obstacles some of my brides have to overcome is learning how to budget for their wedding stationery, so heres a handy 4 step guide to budgeting your stationery…

Step 1 - It’s more than just paper 💜

Your wedding stationery sets the scene and feel for your wedding day. It’s your big special day and your guests interact with your stationery from the moment they receive their save the date or invitation, to picking their name out on the table plan, and getting a special thank you card in the post. Most people odontological throw away wedding invitations and keep then as moments, especially if they are beautifully designed mementos!

Wedding stationery is sooo much more than just paper! It hurts to hear people (who have actually said this to my face at wedding fairs) that “it’s just paper, it will just end up in the bin…” or “we could get something like this from the shops…” 😱 Umm NO! Most wedding stationers put their heart and sole into everything they design, whether that’s a template design or bespoke pieces. Hearing this is painful and so disrespectful. You will never get the time, love, care and quality from something you buy in store than you will from an independent supplier.

So if wedding stationery just ain’t your thing and you want to save your wedding budget and pick up a pack of 50 invites from B&M for £2.50, then there’s absolutely no shame in that at all, but please remember, don’t expect to get the same prices from an independent supplier.

Step 2 - Setting your budget 💸

Once you’ve decided whether wedding stationery is your thing or not, and if you want to invest in some beautiful designs from an independent supplier, you need to set yourself a budget for it. Remember there are lots of things to think about from save the dates, invitations, rsvp cards, on the day stationery and so much more, read my blog post on where to start with you wedding stationery for more ideas about what to think about…

Start by working out how many people you need to invite and how much money you want to spend on all the stationery for your wedding, including invitations and all the on the day stuff. And remember, if you’re wanting independent supplier quality stationery this can range from anything from £250 to £2000+ depending on whether you choose a template design, semi custom template or bespoke design! Once you’ve done this your ready to find your perfect stationer…

Step 3 - Finding the perfect stationer & STationery 💌

A lot of people fall into the trap of falling in love with a wedding stationer they find on Instagram or Pinterest, and realise they are way over their budget. If this is the case please don’t email them asking for a lower price! These prices are set for a reason, not to get more money out of you, but because of the materials and time that goes into making the products. And remember for most people this is their living, they have bills to pay and (most of the time) children to feed, you wouldn’t go into a shop and ask for an item to be discounted! If they are too expensive for your budget, shop around and find someone that not only fits your budget but who’s work sets your heart on fire!

Next thing is to decide whether one of their template designs fits the bill or you want something bespoke from them. Remember most stationers (like myself) offer the option to semi-customise their templates so you can change colours or add additions for an additional fee, so you can have a more personalised stationery suite if your on a budget that doesn’t stretch to a complete bespoke design.

Many stationers (including myself) have all their prices listed on their website so you can see all the costs up front. Take care to find this and have a read before contacting the stationer to see if they are within your budget. This saves time for yourself and the stationer if it turns out they are out of your budget.

Remember that if something comes up cheap and sounds too good to be true, it probably is! I’ve had occasions where couples have come to me panic stricken as the cheap invites they ordered from eBay or someone from a random Facebook group, turned out to be poor quality. Invest that little extra time and money to get something you can be truly proud of to send out to your friends and family members!

Step 4 - Budget saving tips 💰

Here are some great tips to help save on your wedding stationery:

Skip Save The Dates - If you skip the save the date cards and go straight for invitation, which are the main event, you can pour more of your budget into your invites! This means you might have the budget for that extra semi-custom design to make them even more personal to you.

Have Electronic RSVP’s - Rather than have additional RSVP cards and envelopes, have a special email address set up to receive RSVP’s. You can setup free ones with Google Mail! Or consider having RSVP postcards, which save on the envelopes!

Consider Concertina Invitations - Each concertina invite with a tear off RSVP postcard is £4.00, which actually works out cheaper than having a standard A5 double sided invite (£1.50 each), 2 extra detail cards (£1.25 each) and an RSVP postcard (£1.00 each) which work out to £5 per suite! That’s a saving of 50p per invite, which doesn’t seem a lot, but if you’re ordering 100 that’s a saving of £50!

Save On Table Stationery - Have just 1 menu card per table rather than 1 per person! For your table plan why not consider having small table card lists printed to be hung up or stuck to a mirror, rather than having one big board printed.

So there you go! A few steps to help you budget for your wedding stationery. If I’ve missed anything or have any quartos, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message on my contact page!

Emily x

How to budget your wedding stationery
Wedding Stationery Budgeting Tips
Wedding Stationery Budgeting Tips
Wedding Stationery Budgeting Tips
Wedding Stationery Budgeting Tips
Wedding Stationery Budgeting Tips