5 Wedding Stationery Extras You Should Think About Investing In

Wedding stationery extras you should consider investing in, like digital foiling!
5 wedding stationery extras you should consider investing in, such as digital foiling and printed envelopes.

1. Work With A Wedding Stationer 👩🏼‍💻

Not gunna lie, working with a stationery designer will cost more than purchasing invitations through a large online company. But so it should. You’re paying for the skills, experience, training and talent of an expert in the field. Whether you are getting a Bespoke wedding invitation design created or you’re purchasing a personalised House Collection, (like one of my modern, botanical wedding invitation designs) you will be dealing directly with an experienced designer. They will be there to answer all your questions, create ideas specific to you and give you a totally personal service. The price different will account for the noticeable difference in both the experience and quality of your stationery. Book yourself a stationer, you won’t regret it! 😉

2. Digital Foiling 💛

Digital foiled invitations and wedding stationery adds a unique touch of luxury to inviting your guests to your big day. More expensive than standard digital printing, but much less expensive than foil blocking, your guests will really stop and take note of the attention to detail and the luxury of the piece. If you have a limited budget, you don’t need to go all out and foil everything. Consider splurging on foil for the main invitation card and choose standard digital printing for everything else. Or perhaps skip sending save the dates and send your invites a little earlier instead, using your save the date budget to pay for that shiny foiling. Get creative, there’s no need to feel locked in to an all-or-nothing scenario and digital foiling is available in so many colours, gold, silver, copper and rose gold are just a few.

3. It’s All In The Little Details 🔍

How about modern, botanical copper wax seals? Or lovely bohemian feel monogram stickers featuring you and your fiancé’s initials? Or what about a vellum wrap to bundle up your invitation, detail cards and RSVPs? Consider spoiling your guests with extra special snail mail by giving them something they will want to keep in their memory boxes forever, by adding some little extra finishing touches to your invitation bundles. Whether you have a big or small budget the addition of even a simple finishing touch monogram sticker to the envelope makes for a truly memorable wedding invitation. Personalised monograms can be created and used throughout your stationery from invitations, orders of service, table plans, and even thank you cards. All the little details I offer on my stationery can be found here

4. Invest In Printed Envelopes Or Address Stickers 💌

Have you ever packed up and addressed over 100 invitations? Or even 50? Boy does it take a while… 🙄 not to mention the hand cramp! Ouch! It might be a good idea to invest in envelopes that are all ready printed with your guests address’s. That way you can just pop everything into envelopes and add a stamp which will half your time and save your hands! Printed envelopes can even be designed to match your invitations, for example, your lovely eucalyptus invitations can be packed into matching envelopes. Fancy! 💁🏼 If your’e on a tighter budget, you can get envelope stickers instead, that way you can just slap one to every envelope and be done. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

5. Outsource Assembly 📦

Many designer, such as myself, offer an assembly service. This involves bundling everything up, attaching stickers or address labels and assembling wraps and wax seal, as well as popping everything into their envelopes so all you have to do it pop a stamp on. Many brides think assembling themselves will be fun, but believe me when I say I’ve had many couples tell me how long it takes to even just put invitations into envelopes! It can take hours, or even days and your’ll wish you invested the extra money for someone else to do it for you so you can spend your precious time sorting out other bits of wedding planning.

Have I convinced you to invest in any of these extras? I offer all these extras within my wedding stationery design service including my modern, botanical House Collection wedding stationery pieces, and my Bespoke Design Service. All my prices can be found here, or drop me a message here if you have any questions.

Emily x